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April 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

It sounds cliche, but “At the Corner of 6th and North” originally came to me in a dream. One night I dreamed that I was in a large house with many other people looking for a room to stay in. I discovered a pull down ladder like you’d see in a house that leads to the attic. But this led to another bedroom. A man climbed up into the room with me. In the room was a large bed and a dresser in the corner. The man opened the top drawer to find it packed with vintage baseball cards that were worth millions. He was ecstatic because he was a huge baseball fan and also in need of money. I suddenly realized that this house was providing for the needs of those looking inside.

My idea for the book was that very thought. People would enter the house with different needs and longings, and they would all be met in various ways. I even planned to include the man and the baseball cards. But the story still felt empty. And then it hit me. We all need Jesus. The story transformed into people from variety of backgrounds but all missing the same thing in their lives. They needed forgiven and the emptiness in their soul filled.

So instead of vintage baseball cards that could be destroyed or lost, salvation was offered to those looking. And that is the greatest gift of all.


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