The Writ of Divorce

June 13, 2013 — Leave a comment


The man impatiently stood by as the judge hovered over the certificate. He had anticipated this day for years. Freedom finally! This was the day he’d finally be divorced. Like a child on the last day of school antsy for summer break, he eagerly waited for the judge to sign his name to the document.

This relationship sucked the life out of him. In fact, he had no life. This would be the day he’d always remember. The day he began living.

“It is finished,” the judge decreed. He hugged the man and handed him the writ of divorce.

The man read it over and over. His full name written across the top. The judge’s signature at the bottom. Written in blood.

He was no longer a slave. No longer in bondage. He was now, and forever more, divorced from his sins.


Studying for a Bible study recently, I came across this verse. “Then Jesus said to her, ‘Your sins are forgiven.'” I’d heard that statement many times: Your sins are forgiven.

But in that moment I wondered what forgiven meant. My sins didn’t need forgiveness, I did. I studied the Greek word and realized the definition of forgiven is “to send away.”

The same Greek word was used in 1 Corinthians 7:11, “And a husband must not divorce his wife.” A husband must not send away his wife.

Then I understood. Forgiveness means more than pardoned. It means more than God overlooking our wretched condition. It means God took our sins and sent them away. Never again will we be associated with them. God’s perfection now defines us. We are free!

“As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:12


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