Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

September 4, 2013 — Leave a comment


“I read in a newspaper article this week that the economy is doomed by 2020. If this is true than we better get on our knees. God wants us happy, but if this occurs, none of us will be. His will is for all of us to-“

Boom! Boom!

The lull of the sanctuary shattered. Two of the elders’ eyes shot open, and group of elderly women gasped. The intrusive banging on the front door paralyzed all inside the building.

“Is John Calvin here?” joked the youth minister in the back pew. Shallow, forced laughs followed. They barely cut the nervous silence.

Pastor Pete continued, “As I was saying, if we don’t pray for our nations economy, our happiness is in serious dan-”

Boom! Boom!

Every person now sat up straight. Mothers pulled their children closer into their side. The mounting tension brought the service to a halt.

Eventually, two deacons arose and made their way out of the room towards the front door. Fearful glances followed them.

“Don’t they know you can just come in?” one whispered.

Through the glass doors, they spotted a man, average height, dark hair, and sharp nose. His deep brown eyes watched them approach.

One of the deacons cracked open the door. “You need something, sir?”

The man smiled. “Yes. I was wondering if I could join you today?”

The door was opened completely, and they greeted him, shaking his hand. “Of course, sir. Everybody is welcome. There is no need to knock.”

They took his jacket and hung it up. “There was a reason,” the man chimed in. “I wasn’t welcome.”


The deacons both smirked and motioned towards the congregation. “That’s crazy,” one of them chided. “We’ve never turned somebody away. What is your name, sir?”

The visitor looked him in the eyes. “My name is Jesus.”

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

This verse has been used countless times to preach the salvation of a sinner. A patient, lonely man standing outside waiting to be asked in to one’s heart. Paintings of this event are now classics as most have come to accept this view as Biblical.

But that is not the context. The door is not to one’s heart. It’s to the door of the church.

The angel is rebuking the church in Laodicea for it’s lack of passion, love, and dedication to Christ. They were going through all the right motions, but the heart was missing. A lukewarm church brought no joy to their Savior. And although they looked like the church, Jesus wasn’t involved. He stood outside hoping to be invited in once again. So instead of commendation, they received condemnation.

How many doors is Jesus knocking on today? Today is the day to stop acting like a Christian, and start being one.


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