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There’s only one crown in my household, and I wear it. I will not share. Nobody’s allowed to touch it. It is mine to boast of and wear proudly.

For some husbands, their crown is buried under empty soda cans and candy wrappers on the floor of their truck. Some only wear it at home but hang it up in the closet when they leave for work or to hang with the guys. I fear many husbands can’t don a crown because they don’t have one. And others have one, but haven’t recognized it.

But not me. Mine rests upon my head day and night, no matter where I may go. Some ask about it and I am all to glad to brag about every intricate detail and jewel. So spare me a few moments as I elaborate.

My crown represents selflessness. Not just a duty, but a desire to put others first. A servant’s heart that longs for the well-being of others above their own. A passion to go beyond the normal expectancies to fulfill every need possible.

It stands for love. Not a scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of love. But one that cares for friends, family, and even an enemy. One motivated by self-sacrifice and devotion.

On the crown gleams jewels of joy. That even in the midst of chaos and confusion, a song of praise is sung. One that can smile through adversity and shatter walls of despair and sorrow. It represents a confidence that life is good no matter the circumstances.

It boasts about faith. An ever growing reliance on Almighty God. A belief that what He says will be and who He is will never change. A trust in the Lord for every decision and doubt. A lifestyle that pleases God.

It shines faithfulness. Eyes that never dart to the right or left. A devotion to one that never wavers or falters. One who is awed by the Lord’s commitment to them and vows to do the same in their relationships. Never entertaining imaginations of disloyalty.

It is a crown of wisdom. Not just knowing right and wrong, but the absolute desire to please God with every movement. The ability to discern between the works of God and demons. One that understands their role and purpose and seeks to do it well. Is slow to speak, yet quick to listen. But when speaking, blesses those who hear.

And finally, it portrays a brilliance of holiness. This isn’t merely abstaining from sin, but despising everything contrary to God. It’s a rightful understanding of who one is and to what kingdom they belong. Its a satisfaction with the Lord and a life that resembles His Son.


This is my treasure, my crown. I wear it unashamed. It is a gift and one that deserves recognition.

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.
Proverbs 12:4a

I love you, Danielle. Keep shining.


Jordan’s eyes lit up. Twenty-two notifications. Three friend requests. Even one personal message! The hum of conversation and clicking of keyboards in the internet cafe fainted around him as he gazed at his computer screen. With these new friends, his total edged over nine hundred.file0002083989021

Only two of the notifications were actual responses to Jordan’s status. The rest were invites and requests to like fan pages. Changing over to Twitter, his eleven hundred followers were going to love his next tweet. He’d been thinking of it all day and had it down perfect. He typed with confidence and a slight smirk on his face. If this didn’t get favorited, nothing would.

Two hours slipped by as he streamed through hundreds of tweets and status updates, looked through pictures of family on vacation, and attempted to find more people to friend. Finally, when his attention left the screen and swept the room around him, he observed a dozen other people doing the same thing. Noses inches from their computer. Nobody noticed him sitting alone in the corner.

He closed the laptop, packed it up, and started on the short trek home. A heaviness had weighed in on him. Never had he felt so lonely. Jordan passed by a large group of teens laughing. Across the street, two women sped down the sidewalk talking as fast as they were walking.

He fumbled for the light switch in his apartment and then sunk into his brown leather sofa. He scrolled through his phone contacts looking for anybody to talk to. Everybody he called didn’t answer. His head fell back against the cushion, and he sobbed.

A man of too many friends comes to ruin,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24 NASB

Take time to stop and consider how many TRUE friends you have. Those that you can count on no matter what. Those that truly care and love you for who you are. You probably don’t have too many. But even just one can make the difference. If you need a good friend, you must be one first. Are you?


She’d only been a pastry chef for a short time, but an opportunity of a lifetime arose. The city council asked her to bake a cake for the retirement party of the county sheriff. Hundreds of people would be attending, and the cake would be the grand finale. She couldn’t pass this up. This could be the big break she’d hoped for.
At the request of the council, a candy bar cake would be the dessert of choice. She’d never made one before, but it couldn’t be that hard. She scrounged up a recipe that seemed to be exactly what they requested. Since other desserts were being provided as well, only one cake was needed for the head table.
She was confident in her ability, but time was against her. She’d had a late start that morning and new she was going to be cutting it close. The ingredients were laid out before her. The butter, Milky Way bars, baking soda, buttermilk, all neatly organized on the counter. The recipe called for the candy bars to be melted completely, but she didn’t have time for that. They were still partly solid before she moved on to the next step.
The second hand on the clock continued to tick. She still had time. But the recipe seemed so long. Skipping some steps couldn’t hurt.
The flour, sugar, and buttermilk were to be gradually mixed together at a slow speed. That didn’t seem necessary. She mixed it all together at once on high. Instead of baking for 30 minutes, 25 minutes seemed sufficient. She finished early and beamed at her creation. The frosting glistened, the beautiful final touch.

The big day came, and she carried in her cake, head held high, chest puffed out. She set it down in front of the sheriff, his wife, and the other VIPs. She took out her silver plated cake knife and served the man a large luscious slice. His eyes gleamed as he stared at the chocolate dessert.
But one bite and the gleam disappeared. A forced smile crossed his face as he slowly chewed. Every eye was on the man anticipating his reaction.
“It’s good,” he choked. Her heart sank. A knot formed in her throat refusing her ability to swallow. He was struggling even more.Nervous glances were exchanged among the guests as his nodding became more exaggerated. He forced it down and whispered to his wife.
She stood and pointed to the dessert table across the room. “Dig in, everybody!”
The room closed in around the mortified chef. Her head hung low. Her chest deflated. Her big break just shattered before her. Dark glares hit her from all directions from the councilmen. Her one chance. Her big moment. Flubbed by skipped steps.

We as believers in Christ have been given a recipe for success. Being in the Lord’s will is the goal of most Christians. But we often wonder what it is.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Three key ingredients! Trust, humility, and submission. But in our arrogance, ignorance, or just plain rebellion, we skip steps. We trust only in areas out of our control. Or we submit only half of our lives. So many ways to avoid complete obedience.
And then we wonder why we are struggling with consequences. We don’t understand why we can’t see the Lord blessing us. The peace and joy promised to us is missing in action.

The author of the cake recipe gave the chef the proper ingredients and instructions. If followed, she is promised a beautiful and delicious dessert. The author of the Scriptures has given us the ingredients and instructions for a blessed and fulfilled life. But we must do our part.

Follow the instructions!!

And as an added bonus, here’s that recipe.