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There’s only one crown in my household, and I wear it. I will not share. Nobody’s allowed to touch it. It is mine to boast of and wear proudly.

For some husbands, their crown is buried under empty soda cans and candy wrappers on the floor of their truck. Some only wear it at home but hang it up in the closet when they leave for work or to hang with the guys. I fear many husbands can’t don a crown because they don’t have one. And others have one, but haven’t recognized it.

But not me. Mine rests upon my head day and night, no matter where I may go. Some ask about it and I am all to glad to brag about every intricate detail and jewel. So spare me a few moments as I elaborate.

My crown represents selflessness. Not just a duty, but a desire to put others first. A servant’s heart that longs for the well-being of others above their own. A passion to go beyond the normal expectancies to fulfill every need possible.

It stands for love. Not a scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of love. But one that cares for friends, family, and even an enemy. One motivated by self-sacrifice and devotion.

On the crown gleams jewels of joy. That even in the midst of chaos and confusion, a song of praise is sung. One that can smile through adversity and shatter walls of despair and sorrow. It represents a confidence that life is good no matter the circumstances.

It boasts about faith. An ever growing reliance on Almighty God. A belief that what He says will be and who He is will never change. A trust in the Lord for every decision and doubt. A lifestyle that pleases God.

It shines faithfulness. Eyes that never dart to the right or left. A devotion to one that never wavers or falters. One who is awed by the Lord’s commitment to them and vows to do the same in their relationships. Never entertaining imaginations of disloyalty.

It is a crown of wisdom. Not just knowing right and wrong, but the absolute desire to please God with every movement. The ability to discern between the works of God and demons. One that understands their role and purpose and seeks to do it well. Is slow to speak, yet quick to listen. But when speaking, blesses those who hear.

And finally, it portrays a brilliance of holiness. This isn’t merely abstaining from sin, but despising everything contrary to God. It’s a rightful understanding of who one is and to what kingdom they belong. Its a satisfaction with the Lord and a life that resembles His Son.


This is my treasure, my crown. I wear it unashamed. It is a gift and one that deserves recognition.

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.
Proverbs 12:4a

I love you, Danielle. Keep shining.


So many books, but I never read. I need to exercise, but chances are, that won’t happen. My Bible needs studied every week, but that seems like way too much work in the evenings.

So many reasons.
So many excuses.

No more.


My wife and I realized that way too many hours were spent in front of the flat screen engrossed in mindless stories that were forgotten by the next morning. After the kids go to bed every night, we have a couple of hours for us. By then, we are so exhausted, we usually crumble into the recliner and stare glassy-eyed at the T.V. entertained by crime shows, comedies, and documentaries.

As the God-appointed leader of my home, conviction began leaving me unsettled. Is this how I want my children to be? Is this how God wants me to spend my time? Am I edifying my wife? The answer was a resounding “No.”

So, I wrote a weekly evening schedule. And for two weeks now, we’ve followed it. At times, we’ve been tempted to go back to the way things were, but we know this is the right thing to do. Remember, this is just pertaining to what we do after the kids go to bed.

Sunday-Anything we want
Monday-Anything we want (Sunday and Monday are my days off)
Tuesday-Exercise and then reading
Wednesday-Bible Study and then T.V.
Friday-Exercise and the reading
Saturday-Bible Study and then T.V.

I encourage all families to do something like this if T.V. is a major part of life. Your schedule might be different. It might include projects, crafts, or education. But for me, I needed something written down to actually be committed to follow it. It might be the same for you.

God has given us only a few years to raise our children to who they will be later. He has blessed us with time which he expects to be used well. He’s placed in our possession his very words and has commanded us to know them. I pray this blog encourages you to take a step back and ask, “Am I a good steward of what the Lord has given me?”

If you are, how are you going to continue? If not, what are the steps that you’re going to take to fix that?